Why join

As a member of the SMSF Members Association you will be able to access the most up to date and recent news in relation to topics concerning Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. In addition to news, you will have access to up to date researched and informed articles in respect to a wide range of matters that should be of concern to you as a trustee of your own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

Being part of a group of significant influence and appeal, membership will provide you with a wide range of educational and training material as well as countless lifestyle and health benefits.

Join the Club


why-join-investmentSMSF Members Association members are sought out by a range of investment managers that are well positioned to provide investment options to the self-managed super fund trustee.

As part of the suite of benefits we offer, the SMSF Members Association is seeking to negotiate better investment arrangements for our members with some of these investment managers.

With the large collective weight of the SMSF Members Association membership, we expect to be able to negotiate more favourable investment terms than would be available to you as an individual fund.

It is important to note that the SMSF Members Association’s role is not to provide investment advice. We are there to support our members and as such will offer educational programs designed to assist members to make better-informed investment decisions.

All members will have access to these services.

Health and Lifestyle

why-join-health-lifestyleUsing the collective weight of the membership, the SMSF Members Association plans to deliver a range of health and lifestyle benefits at preferential rates or with complimentary membership.

Over time, these opportunities should include:

  • Private health cover
  • Life Insurance cover
  • Gym membership
  • Restaurant and entertainment offers
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Sporting and other events
  • Car rental
  • Frequent flyer and shopping points
  • Health and lifestyle expos
  • Food and wine discounts


why-join-educationThe superannuation landscape is constantly changing. The SMSF Members Association’s education service is designed to keep the self-managed super fund trustee abreast of the developments that affect them. It will help them to understand their role and responsibilities as a trustee and provide a practical outlook on managing compliance issues.

Periodically, the SMSF Members Association will also feature education programs dealing with special interest topics, for example social media.

Much of the SMSF Members Association’s educational content is delivered via online video, making each module easily accessible and convenient.

Members will also have the opportunity to contribute to content development, by suggesting subjects of interest to them.


why-join-strategyOur own research has confirmed that superannuation members don’t know what they don’t know about what can be achieved through self-managed superannuation. The SMSF Members Association members will have access to a range of video content explaining strategic solutions for managing your super fund, superannuation planning and the opportunities that are available.

This unique and purpose prepared material is exclusive to SMSF Members Association and only available to members.

News and articles

Members will have access to a wide range of helpful and informative articles provided by our own research and by our Kickstart Partners, as well as the latest news affecting SMSF trustees.


As a member you will benefit from discounted registration to a range of conferences and seminars which will be presented by both the SMSF Members Association and SMSF Members Association Kick Start Partners. These events will include not just financial and investment seminars but also lifestyle events that may be of interest to members both before and after retirement.