logo_AFICAustralian foundation Investment Company (AFIC) is the largest listed investment company on the ASX and specialises in investing in Australian equities. The Company has been managing shareholder funds for over 80 years. The current management expense ratio is 0.17%.
AFIC’s primary investment goals are to pay dividends which, over time, grow faster than the rate of inflation; and to provide attractive total returns

AFIC focuses on investing in Australian companies with unique high quality assets, brands and/or business footprints that can withstand the business cycles. Our view is that such businesses will generate superior returns over the long term.

In a SMSF AFIC can provide a low cost, diversified exposure to Australian equities in your Fund.

AFIC_SMSF_brochureAs part of your Fund’s overall Investment Strategy you may wish to consider investing in Australian Foundation Investment Company “AFIC” as a way to satisfy the Australian Equities allocation of your Fund.  Download this brochure AFIC Brochure – Self Managed Super Funds to learn more.

Table of Contents
1. Why Consider a Shareholding in AFIC as Part of your Investment Strategy?
2. Portfolio and Share Price Performance Per Annum to 31 December 2014
3. AFIC Investment by Sector as at 31 December 2014
4. AFIC’s Management of the Investment Portfolio
5. Investment Portfolio – Top 25 Holdings as at 31 December 2014
6. Taxation
7. Self Managed Super as part of your Investment Journey
8. Financial Services Guide


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