Membership Levels

How to Join SMSF Members Association

Membership of SMSF Members is only open to registered SMSFs and your fund’s ABN must be provided. Once your fund has joined, however, all of your members can have access to this site and the benefits it offers.

One member of your SMSF must register as the Primary Member for the SMSF Members site using the SMSF Primary Account Level.  Other members of your SMSF must sign up using the SMSF Members Account Level.

Due to the generosity of our kick-start partners, your membership fee will now be covered until December 30th 2016, at which time new membership and renewal applications will attract a small subscription fee.

Step 1 – Primary SMSF Member registration

Select the SMSF Primary Account Level  below –  one nominated representative of your SMSF must first join as the Primary Account Member.

  • Once you’ve provided all your details, the name of your SMSF and your SMSF’s ABN, you will receive a registration code.  
  • You’ll see it displayed on your screen, and it will be emailed to you in a membership confirmation email together with a registration link.
  • The registration code (and the registration link) should be sent to the other members of your SMSF, and they can use this register themselves with the SMSF Members site using the “SMSF Members Account level”.
  • The same registration code can be used for all members.

Step 2 – Individual SMSF Member registration

Select the SMSF Members Account Level below – this is to allow the other members of your SMSF to receive their own login and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

  • In order to register at this level you must have the registration code from the Primary Member.
Please Note: If you have registered as the Primary SMSF Member, you can register the other members of your SMSF, instead of sending them the registration code and link, but you must first log out.


Level Price  
SMSF Primary Account (sign up your SMSF) Free Select
SMSF Members Account (for Members other than the Primary Member - registration code required) Free Select