About SMSF Members Association

You’re not on your own


The SMSF Members Association was established on the 15th of April 2011 for the purpose of bringing together SMSF members as one voice.

SMSF members are often alleged to be a fragmented group within the superannuation sector. As such, they do not exercise their influence effectively when it comes to government policy and investment in Australia.The SMSF Members Association supports Australians investing in Australia and for a group that consists of over one million individual voters, and controls over $550 billion in superannuation assets, we must be heard. The SMSF Members Association is the only true voice for SMSF members and by 30 June 2016 we expect to be 10,000 members strong.

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Simply click on the Join the Club button and complete the form.

Membership of The SMSF Members Association is only open to registered SMSFs and your fund’s ABN must be provided. Once your fund has joined, however, all of your members can have access to this site and the benefits it offers.

Join the Club

Due to the generosity of our kick-start partners, your membership fee will be covered until December 30, 2016 at which time new membership and renewal applications will attract a small subscription.

We’re building a member-based community amongst SMSFs

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The SMSF Members Association is dedicated to bringing our members together and making the most of our group influence and SMSF bargaining power. When we act in concert we will not only protect our benefits but also reap the rewards.

By becoming a member of The SMSF Members Association you become part of one voice working to protect and improve your retirement benefits and the security around your financial future.

The SMSF Members Association is an organisation built around members, and seeks to deliver benefits to SMSF trustees that would not be otherwise available to them on their own.

The SMSF Members Association does not represent the interests of professionals working within the superannuation industry. Rather, it was established to speak on behalf of SMSF members on matters of concern to them as well as to negotiate benefits and incentives, where possible, designed to enhance the retirement savings plans of members.

We are building a group of independent, like-minded SMSF members whose views and concerns will be gathered through regular surveys and used in discussion with Government, the press and even company directors.

The SMSF Members Association was created with the financial backing of a number of “kick-start” partners who recognise the importance of the services the organisation seeks to deliver to members.