Advanced Specialist SMSF Workshop 19th May 2017

“Get in front of the June 2017 SMSF changes and grow your SMSF Practice for years to come”

Grant Abbott – author of five SMSF strategy books, presenter on SMSF strategies on over 1,500 occasions – industry strategist and super SMSF consultant to banks, fund managers, accounting firms and dealer groups is BACK!

For the last 12 months, since the Treasurer announced the big, big changes to pensions, contributions and estate planning Grant has been hard at work – going line by line through the laws, EM and ATO guidance – all 750 pages of them.

And now it is your turn to leverage off the guru.

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Register Now for the Workshop

Melbourne: 19th May 2017    8 am to 4:45 pm – Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Superannuation case study: The self-employed

Article in The Australian, May 21 2016 by Michael Roddan


Simon Makeham, 50, is a self-employed resident of Young, NSW, and head of the Self Managed Super Fund Members Association, who uses the maximum caps for concessional and non-concessional contributions. He regards the new super limits as a “vote changer”.

Both my wife and I contribute the maximum each in concessional contributions. We also make non-concessional contributions when the finances are available to do it…

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