SMSF Members Update

With a change in leadership of the current Coalition government to Malcolm Turnbull there have been rumblings that all parts of the tax equation are up for review including superannuation.  Many times we have surveyed our members about the government interfering with superannuation savings that have been built for the purpose of self-providing long term retirement income.  The results have overwhelmingly shown that our members do not want government to meddle with their superannuation.

The SMSF Members Association was born to provide a Voice for its members but to do so we need to have a strong support base so the powers that be understand that we are not trying to rip off the tax system but are playing by the rules and providing much needed capital to the Australian economy.  We have some grand ideas such as long term infrastructure bonds and ways and means of helping our children into the difficult capital city housing markets.  But and it is a big but, to make our Voice heard – the voice of the real SMSF members not others representing fund managers and professionals, we need two things to happen. 

Get to our Inaugural SMSF Members Conference: 

Our first ever conference is to be held in Sydney at Doltone House at Jones Bay Wharf on 26 and 27 February 2016.  It will be a great two days with the theme of the conference – “Growing, Protecting and having Fun with your SMSF.”  Invitations will be out in November but we ask you to save the date and get your travel plans in order.  We look forward to seeing you all there and letting you meet other members who hold a voice just like yours.  You will learn, interact and have fun over the two days and also have the opportunity of making your voice heard to members of government.

Boost Membership: 

We have been very lucky to secure some great kick start partners to carry the sponsorship of members until 1 July 2016 and possibly beyond.  There is no barrier to entry for SMSF members to become part of the SMSF Members Association as new and existing membership has been funded.  Therefore we need to encourage you to get like-minded SMSF members who want to protect their life time super savings to join – our voice is only as strong as our numbers.  Joining is easy through the website so please get your friends and family with a SMSF to join.

These are the two immediate and most pressing issues for your Board.  We all look forward to creating a wonderful organisation that meets the needs of its members but more importantly grows and protects their hard earned savings and lifetime retirement income – we can’t let it be attacked.

Grant Abbott

feb-2016-calendarSave the Date
SMSF Members Conference 2016
Doltone House – Jones Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney
26 – 27 February, 2016

The invitations will arrive for Early Bird pricing in late November, but it is time to save the dates now and arrange your travel and accommodation.



Due to the generosity of our Kickstart Partners, until December 30, 2015, your annual membership fee is being paid for you.